Eliana Lenard

Eliana Lenard


"What- A-Ahh!" Blake, still straining like he's passing a stone, looks down to see his cock fly out of his zipper and start to shoot off clear piss like a hose! "Ah! Hey!" Blake's hands go to his cock, but he feels his hands and forearms get cold again as be grabs his member with both hands and start whipping and circling his liquid arch about. Next his lips get cold before he starts whooping out of his check. "WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOOOOOOO!" Twirling pee spirals for a few giggling spectators, Blake felt enough control to tuck his dick back into his tight pants and irk a few times. "Ok, playtime's ovaaAAaaAAGHHH!!" Blake's mouth gags as a round glowing orb pushes out of his mouth. "Poouughhh! Haagghhh" He makes out the blob of transparent energy wobbling gently in the breeze. Meanwhile, his denim buttcrack springs a bouncy ghostly tail as well. His ass bloops a sound as the phantom's billowing tail waves and bobs gently behind Blake's bottom. In a desperate move, Bloke's left hand grabs onto his rump and slaps right on the center, right before his other hand clasps onto his mouth. Bloke's eyes flicker from cyan to brown as he snorts, feeling his anus slurp and his throat rattle as his thighs spazz and wobble, coughing and gurgling as mists of glowing white waft from both his face and his ass. With his hands clasping onto both ends -- his right hand holding in his mouth and his left hand pushing onto his ass -- Bloke whips around quickly and rushes into the nearest bar and ducks into the bathroom. He gets the door closed and locks it before the harried fleshie makes it to the mirror. Suddenly the hard struggle stops abruptly. "Buaahhhh!" Blake huffs like he couldn't breathe. Panting, he feels at himself, trying to see if the ghost is no longer possessing him. "Gone? You... What..." He looks up at the mirror and almost yelps as he sees his own reflection grinning at him, complete with cyan colored eyes, "Oh SHIT!" "I would, but I don't wanna ruin those pants." The mirror said in Polter's voice. The reflection then reaches back and gives a hard spank on his own rear. "Ow!" Blake yelps before he looks down at his own booty. He didn't slap his own ass, but it sure as heck somebody spanked it. He glares back at the haunted mirror and notices he's got some tight clothes on him. His hair is done a little differently too, and his torso is too smooth -- he had a treasure trail before, and now it's gone! "So how does this work??" Blake barks at the mirror, "You just do the fuck you want? I ain't some faggot!" "You are tonight, bonebag." The reflection smirked, "But I'll give you credit -- usually, a pussy-eating jock like you don't start fighting back until like 5 AM and shit. You got yourself a strong head."

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