English o'clock 2.0 - Grammar Episode 26 - so vs such (23.04.2021)

English o'clock 2.0 - Grammar Episode 26 - so vs such (23.04.2021)

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English o'clock 2.0 - Grammar Episode 26 - so vs such (23.04.2021) description

English inglés gramática clases de inglés English o'clock 2.0

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Hi l like so much this aplication, cuz l want to improve my English skills, now this program is teaching me to training my ear, It ls so cool to learn English.

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This is such an amazing program that I think you're so good at teaching, so keep it like that.

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Belén Isabel María

Hello. I'm stuck with your podacats! I love them! Your voice and the way you pronounce are owesone. Here is my questions: sometime the word "that" means "so", for example: It's not that difficult, or it's not that easy. Can you explain a little bit about it?

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Efrén Moreno Cedillo

Hi Julia,for me it's such a nice subject I think I'm kind of under control. for example: it was such a good movie that I watched it twice. the movie was so nice that I watched twice? well why do you think about? have a lovely weekend Julia,and thank you for teaching us,I love your podcast,and I'm going to speak from my perspective, I don't usually founded one way or one person who shows me how the English language works,I'm really lucky about that,I love your way,your Energy,and your patients with people like me,jiji,you are so nice,and you are the reason why I'm hooked to listening podcast and also learning English language, have a nice time😁💓👋🏾say hello to Edu!!and I also dream about the end of this covid nightmare,bye bye.

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