José Asisclo Soriano

José Asisclo Soriano


I have an extreme ideality but I can be either ideal or practical. I am endowed with intense mental and physical energy. I am always full of new schemes and plans, ever exploring and originating. I am fond of constant change for improvement, loving uniqueness, romance and conjecture. I am loyal, constant, and trustworthy. I live in both; in the perceptive and the reflective regions of my brain. I can look ahead into the future and foresee things with remarkable clearness of vision. I hold a warrior outlook to life and will display a passion, brave and fearless approach toward all and any obstacles of life. I love kindness and fairness; I love excitement, adventure and spine-tingling activities, and will openly approach new things in order to enrich my experiences in life.

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Glaube, Philosophie und Religion


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